I've been asked to make a forum for Storyleaves - to start, if you have questions, post them here. If it gets too much traffic I'll see what I can do.


Hello! I wanted to ask when we will have a final version of the regulations or 1.0 Story Leaves. I had a version translated into Spanish, but I checked the version of Google Docs in English has many new things.

Thanks for your time.


Consider the current version to be version 1.0!

(Since most of my attempts at improving it just made it worse.)


I have doubts Reshuffle cards. In the game I'm doing, first I dismissed a letter, and then stole the antagonist to answer and it was a card resuffle. What do I do? "shuffle all the discards? How is who wins this comparison of cards? I never had left cards are my games (only took 2) and therefore do not know how.


Jamie Fristrom

I'm not sure I know exactly what the problem is, but if I understand, what you should do when you draw a RESHUFFLE is:

* Reshuffle all the discards
* Place the shuffled discards on the top of the deck
* Draw one from the top. That's the resolution card. (And if *it's* a RESHUFFLE, well, draw another.)

You don't need the RESHUFFLEs to play - their purpose is to keep the story focused by making it more likely some elements will reappear. Reveal the gun in one scene, fire it in another. But not strictly necessary.


After making the reshuffle I am coming to get another card and then compare it to the letter I had played up before making resuffle, right?

Is that doubt is strange, but of course, the card that I played the deck. I thought this card I did not count. I stay with the last card he had ruled before the reshuffle, to compare with the new one pull of the antagonist.

This only happens when I take out the card resuffle as the antagonist machinations card.

I am sorry for my english, hehe:)

Jamie Fristrom

If I understand you, yes, right.

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