Chris Sakkas


Just thought I'd point out - Blackbird Pie is not an open source game. To qualify as 'open source', a work has to be available for commercial use. []

However, it is a jolly good addition to the Hackbird corpus.



Jamie Fristrom

Hmm, I'm not sure what gives this
"Open Source Initiative" the right to say what is and is not open source. Wikipedia's definition is looser - Blackbird Pie is open source by the wikipedia definition.

Anyhow, the thing I thought was cool about Blackbird Pie's 'open sourceness' was that anybody can go in and edit the 'master source' themselves - you can't do that with OGL or Fate: you can only create your own branch off the main trunk - but almost nobody has, so I guess it's not as cool as I thought.


I couldn't find what license you are offering this under as "open source." Is this Creative Commons using the license on Lady Blackbird or something else?


Yes, it's the same license as Lady Blackbird.

The old story games wiki is down, so now it is no longer a project anyone can edit, but if somebody wanted to host it somewhere else I wouldn't (and couldn't) stop them!

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