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February 28, 2014



I think its good and bad for gamers though. There are some select times when a game like this or kingdom come can make it through kickstarter being seen by enough people and that's good. The bad is that leaving the game choosing up to the masses is usually bad. You mentioned the Iphone store. If you take a look at the top free apps in the store at any time there will be 1 good game (in some ones opinion) , 10 that replicate it and the rest are garbage. Right now I think its Flappy Bird and replicas that are there. This happens outside of the Iphone as well. A lot of studios see that mobas are doing good so in their heads they think lets just copy them and give gamers more of what they already have. The gaming world is going down hill and its due to devs letting the LOUD voices control what they make. I for one don't need 10 free to play flappy bird mobas.


Oh yeah, we still have a long way to go before it's a level playing field and games are being played simply on their merits. Studies have shown that these curated and ranked marketplaces act more as a randomizing factor elevating arbitrary good titles to top-selling positions while other plod along. So much better than it used to be, though: hundreds of moderately loud voices instead of a handful of really loud ones.

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