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November 12, 2013



Pretty much in the morning, on the toilet. I am working on creating a nice reading space in my apartment, in the hopes that it will encourage me to dedicate more time to reading.


I'm not reading work-related books very often, but I always have a book with me. Lately I've gotten back to reading before bed, which means going to bed a little earlier. I also carry it anywhere I might end up waiting. It fills me with fear to think I might get stuck waiting in a doctor's office or something without a book!


I've been reading books on my phone since I got a smartphone. I think I read the entirety of War and Peace on toilets. Since I started, I've developed a set of digestive issues that helpfully provide me with plenty of time to read!


I tend to peruse the articles on Gamasutra first thing in the morning and then flip through my RSS feeds of Polygon & Kotaku when I am cooking builds and read the articles that catch my eye. I'll also read some articles when I need to give my brain a break from something I have been focused on for a long time so I can come back and look at it fresh again.


I commute to work 3-4 days a week by bus. I get through a lot of books that way. I have no idea how I'd find the time if I didn't.


A lot of my previous types of reading material have been replaced with video these days. These can often explain concepts better than a book can, though I still like books (though I also don't have much time to read them). I do have a long commute now though, so I have a lot more opportunity than I used to.

Watching videos from your lap was just not practical (or even realistic) when I was growing up, but times are changing and I think we'll see the way we learn change with it. Then again, it's just as easy or easier to read books from a phone/tablet as well.

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