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November 08, 2013



Maybe give Unity3d a go? Totally able to work with 2d inside of their also. Plus it's free :)


I'm all about Unity3d - that's what I'm making Energy Hook with - that said, a) rpgmaker has much lower barriers to get to the "look I made a game" point, and b) I think part of the reason Sofia loves rpgmaker is because she likes that kind of game. If Halo was her favorite game I might consider starting her with Unity. :)

Jakub Koziol

Construct 2 from Scirra is also a pretty good starting point with a very low barrier of "look I have a game" and there is a free version as well. https://www.scirra.com

Cameron Petty

That's really cool, Jamie! A long way from coding animated ASCII games in BASIC when I was a kid . . . :-)


Cameron, I know, right?
My dad got me my first computer (Commodore Pet with 8K of RAM) when I was Sofi's age. I'm handing down the torch.

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