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October 09, 2013



After writing this, it occurs to me there is a way to "lock" those inspector values - at least for your own classes. Move the values back out of the prefab and into the defaults for your script and make them private. I might well want to do this for my character's movement parameters...

Chris Chapman

For locking things down: I found text scene files and extensive use of prefabs pretty good for spotting rogue / accidental changes. I.e. partitioning off bits of content you know are fine by making them prefabs, and maybe also leaving copies of them in a separate scene (or ideally referencing the content direct from that scene). If you then open up that scene later and it needs resaved, you can go look at it in source control and see if the changes made (maybe because a prefab was changed elsewhere) are all expected. Often I saw accidental restructurings, parameter changes that were leading to trailing / dead references, etc., that would manifest themselves as badness in the live build.

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