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October 23, 2013


Jeromie Walters

This is a great post. I'm always curious about better ways to store my code off-site. See my low-tech shenanigans here: http://gamedeveloperjourney.blogspot.com/2013/10/whats-your-backup-strategy.html

It looks like you may have a good setup here, especially for collaborating with others. Is it seriously only $1 a month? Might be a good investment even for my small project...

Takuan Daikon

I've been considering setting up a public SVN repo, but hadn't seen any hosting options that really interested me until now.

I use VisualSVN Server on the local network already, so I'm please to see that it's an option on EC2. It's just so easy to use, the thought of setting up an SVN server instance on a Linux box sounds like an unimaginable nightmare by comparison.

Definitely going to look into this. Thanks for the post :)

Jay K.

I did something similar for git on EC2, including automating the startup and shutdown of the EC2 instance as part of the push/pull.


In addition it also is set up to deploy from the rermote git repository as well using hooks.

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