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May 08, 2013


Michael Guerrero

Good luck Jamie, you've got my support!

Tyler Tinsley

funding something on kickstarter is a wild ride. i think it was the best and worst experience of my creative life.

most of the projects i have seen have two periods of high funding. the launch and the close. the middle can be HELL, just understand it's normal for funding to slow down at a point and that it will pick back up near the end of the project or if you get lucky and can get some press.

Best of fortune on your project!

Ryan Nohr

Hey man, we just launched our own Kickstarter this past week, and I can say we haven't gotten much negativity on our page, the negativity mostly comes from external places... well... actually, mostly just Greenlight. Those people are mean. Voting no is not enough for a lot of folks there hah!

All in all, just have confidence in your product, and be as responsive and friendly as you can! If you keep in touch with your audience, they'll go to bat for you!

Take it with a grain of salt, though, as I said, we did only launch this week!

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