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March 20, 2013


Bram Stolk

I think he's got a point.
If you can't code, and can't draw art, you probably end up as producer or designer, and probably suck at it.

Also, the quality of art, and the quality of code are easier to measure than the quality of a design. Which could explain for some unaccountability.

Durgington Hurgington, Sr., Esq., PhD., MBA, QED

Actually you kind of come across as the pretentious asshole here.


Well, I don't really know what to say to that, "Durgington". How come?


Bram, yeah - he does have a point. Just could have said it better, and I bet if it wasn't a live interview he would have, but now that he said it badly a real apology would be nice...

Yoshitomo Moriwaki

How does Jamie come across as pretentious here?! Hilarious. Anyways, apologies are classy and they're really good for your mental health. That "Esq-PhD-MBA-QED(wtf?!)" guy has no idea what kind of person you are Jamie, he's doing the same thing that Lord British did: He made a massive assumption and a casual flippant unkind statement. It makes him look bad because of how sloppy a statement it is.

Evan Weeks

I love Richard Garriott. He's my game dev hero as well, but he has several lemons in his past that ought to trigger at least a LITTLE humility. Tabula Rasa, Ultima 8 & 9 (both were awful)..

My point being, he's really good at certain aspects of game design. Backstory and setting, and creating living systems for the player to interact with are his forte. He's NOT exactly good at building interfaces that make sense, or game mechanics that aren't completely wacky and foolishly complicated.

Basically, he needs to come off his high horse and quit pretending we're all peasants to his Lord British.

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