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March 29, 2013


Keeper of the Happy Lid

I've always found Missile Tanks pretty useless in Ogre/GEV and Infantry, well deployed, to be almost unbalancing. But I still tank missile tanks and don't use much infantry. Why? Because it's more fun that way.

Patrick Sullivan

Game balance is a weird thing. I partly agree that you can't have a perfectly balanced game if it has any real complexity unless every thing on both sides or however you divide it up is the same. However, there should be offsets.

For example, in Fighting games you will always have tiers of characters. But every character needs to have at least some bad matchups where they are the underdog or the competitive scene suffers. But if SOME scenarios are to the strong part's disadvantage, it can still work out, and lead to amazing moments when the underdog wins. Probably something necessary in competitive gaming, be it personal or for money.

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