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March 01, 2013



I found the iTween library to be pretty useful when used with GUI groups. It was originally made to tween game objects' properties, so I imagine it would fit right in with what you are doing. The library gives you all the various easing curves you can use in flash.


IIRC iTween wasn't as wysiwyg as the animation editor, but I could totally see using it since the animation editor is fiddly and deprecated...


Remember to set textures that you want to stay crisp to not be mipped, could have also been a cause of your blurriness. That's now under the advanced texture mode for some reason.

Thomas Gravgaard

I can reccommend getting NGUI from the Asset Store. It helps you a lot when you want to Draw complicated GUI stuff with few draw calls. Pretty easy to use and extend.


Yeah... iTween is definitely all code, but it's really easy to expose values to the editor. I also found it useful to be able to catch OnAnimationComplete events.

Charlie Helman

I'm really only a beginner when it comes to Unity, but it's still pretty weird that I haven't used the animation editor yet.

On the note about iTween; there's a free extension called iTween Editor exposes pretty much everything to the inspector for you.

I also dig NGUI. Took me less than an hour to grasp, and works wonderfully. Love it compared to the standard unity GUI scripting.

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