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January 21, 2013


Michael Guerrero

The UVersionControl plugin is another option. It's all integrated into the editor and makes it easier to see if you've checked something in or not (a common problem), it automatically deals with meta files so you don't have to bother with that eyesore, and possibly the most important: for scene editing, it allows you to lock files.

Overall, it's not perfect but it's free.

bruno massa

One of the pillars of using DCVS is the merging. Unless 2 people are working in the same thing and this thing is really atomic (cannot be divided), merging might work really well. You can change the camera settings while another person work on scene light, npcs or GUI. Scene is a group of things, not a single working unit.


can't download the RespectReadOnly.cs file :(


RespectReadOnly.cs link is fixed now. Thanks!

I should also add I've switched from Unfuddle, which got too expensive as the project get big, to running subversion on Amazon's EC2, which costs less than a dollar a month so far.

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