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January 19, 2013


Keeper of the Happy Lid

Jimmy James - Is the cord going to get shorter as you wrap around stuff, e.g., you hook on one side of a building but turn the corner? Or loop over a crane?


I don't know! We could do that, but it's pretty fun this way. And it's this basically magic gravity beam, so who's to say how it works...

It could be based on your equipment - it might start wrappy and then you could get an upgrade that uses stealth gravitons that works the way it is here...

What do you think?

(PS, got the SafeInHome sheet, sounds like everything's going great, thanks for the udpate!)


One of the things I loved in Spider-man 2: The Game, was the way I could time a swing just right after rounding a corner on a building to gain some speed. I'd go around the corner, the web would shorten and speed up, then I'd release and go flying forward. Definitely something I'd like to be able to do in Energy Hook, but because of the extra skill and gameplay depth involved I'd say the wrappy should be the upgrade, instead of the default

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