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January 06, 2013



*English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse me =)

2 years ago, when we still under developing a multiplayer game, We're too scare to show our game early, scare it will affect our road to success, so we wait ... we continue develop for almost 8 months and release it. Needless to say, it fail miserably, players keep telling us, it need bots to keep the game entertain. The mistake was so obvious, we surprise we didn't notice it sooner. On the other hands, lot of players love the art/theme while our artist actually not that satisfied about it.

We learned our lesson in a painful way. If only time can be reverse, we will show our game much more earlier to the players and patch it based on players comment/feedback.

To answer your question : can you make an unremarkable game remarkable? To me, it is all about game design and how to re-use the mechanic creatively.


I've made several unlisted youtube videos just for perspective and fun, and recently decided to start making them public. I was pretty reluctant, but finally thought "who do I think I am, trying to protect my non-existent reputation?"

One blogger posts about my game, and suddenly my perspective shifts. NOW I feel insecure, and am going to slow down with the updates like "Here is one new enemy" or "this is a funny joke". The feeling is that I had better get to the point before people think I'm proud that I can make "a" game, rather than something interesting.

Anyway, my thoughts are that most games are intended to be remarkable, but as reality sets in and corners start getting cut, you end up with crap. I remember my buddies scrambling to finish a demo for GDC last year, and despite the epic design documents, the result was unremarkable. Instead of fully implementing a free-roaming quest system, they had to force a linear path through the main objectives, which made the game feel like one long cutscene.


I realise you've just discovered the motivational work of seth wossname and have your head in marketing land.


You do know that "A game made by Paris Hilton!" is the pure definition of a remarkable game?

Keep that in mind mkay.

Also try and balance out your reading material with this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Manual which although rather dated probably contains more marketing truth than the bald guy will sell you.

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