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January 02, 2013



I have to absolutely agree; however to be pedantic an ultraviolet cow would be invisible. Perhaps you mean a luminous one?


I was imagining one of those black lights you see at raves (or in my daughter's bedroom), so, yes, luminous.


The interesting thing that comes to mind for me is Dungeon World. It's not very remarkable: hacking some hot indie system to do D&D is pretty standard. But, at least by RPG standards it's taken off dramatically.

Godin isn't wrong, but there are many more factors to success. I think the only one you can really plan for or aim for though is being a purple cow.


DW is remarkable, though! Hell, just in the way that one reviewer acted like it was blasphemy against the old school! HOW DARE YOU GET YOUR APOCALYPSE WORLD IN MY D&D!?! I could list a number of other remarkable things about it as well (just by skimming the internet for remarks people have made.)
Though that is where Godin's stuff does break down somewhat for me - it's easy to find what makes something 'remarkable' after the fact of its success. And some things I think are remarkable don't succeed.

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