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December 18, 2012


Richie Bisso

My VP likes to say, "It's better to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission". It's not exactly what you're talking about, but it's hinting at the same principle: It is better to do what you deem to be important, and do quickly, than to worry and do slowly... or not do at all.

Jamie Fristrom

Nick Doran used to say that all the time too. That's been my policy lately with using stock assets which I'm 99% sure are public domain - if it turns out I'm wrong, I'll take them out. (Can't do that on console...)

Jim Belay

Hi Jamie!

No NDA's, not lawyers. Nice catch! Same here, in indie - Ukraine and it's still working.

"And please Like Happion Labs on Facebook, y'all." - bad link. Probably:

happionlabs.com/facebook/ => facebook.com/hapionlabs

Jim Belay

Typo, facebook.com/happionlabs, of course.

Lars Doucet

I think this is a good approach. Get stuff when you need it. We worked without a lawyer until we needed to work our legal agreements out, then we hired one, took care of that, and told her we'd call her again next time we needed something :) We worked without an accountant until we actually had some money and bills, then we got one. We went without a bank account until we had money to put in it, etc, etc.

Take care of things, but only when they become necessary, and you avoid lots of stifling overhead.


For me the take away is the off site backup comment. Some things need risk management and some things can wait. The trick is finding out what works for you, your business, and and partners (if you have them).

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