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December 31, 2012


Brett Douville

I've managed to finish 17 AAA level titles in 2012, all from my fairly deep back catalog, and I've been blogging the lessons from them over on the blog, generally only from the games that have a strong positive experience (for example, I finished a game recently that had such serious polish issues that the biggest lesson to take from it was "polish is important" -- it's hard to imagine a game being shipped with the sorts of issues they had now). In general, even these older games, which are approximately a decade old now, have lots to teach still, and it's been an interesting experience thinking about what works in them for me.

The best of the bunch was definitely the original PS2 release of Rez, which is just a fantastically designed little game -- only five levels of this synaesthesiac shooter, but the tweaks to the design to make revisiting levels appealing are a real surprise and delight. I also really enjoyed my time with Shadow of Destiny (a strange little adventure game) and Wild Arms 3 (a JRPG which really hooked me with its look and play).

Happy New Year, Jamie, to all of you there at the Labs.

Scott Petrovic

I just played some King of Tokyo over the holidays for the first time. My brother is big into different board games. We must have played at least 10 rounds of it.In the video game crazed culture, it is good to have some pen and paper type games out there.

Brett Douville

King of Tokyo! Great choice. I bought it for one of my sons for his birthday this past summer and we loved it, we've played a bunch of times. We have a couple new ones from the holidays to try out, too.

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