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December 10, 2012



OK, a friend of mine said he isn't a big fan of the logo ;) He said it doesn't quite fit the look of the game itself.

The game is all cool and cel-shaded, yet the logo looks a bit wishy-washy, and doesn't really have a solid outline, and doesn't feel very "strong".

Same friend said he really likes the look of the game in general though!


Good advice. I find it hard to take criticism as well, and always have to remind myself of the above.

Also on user testing.... it's so easy to fall into that "well, they didn't like it because X" (whether X is that they don't get it, they are not the target user, there is one bug that is distracting them, we don't have the final graphics yet) etc etc. And sometimes.. it's true; user testing (I don't know about play testing) CAN be very artificial, and sometimes the feedback isn't relevant. But it's so important to pay attention, even if you don't end up using it all.

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