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November 19, 2012


sev (@cheryltz)

Is this technology cheap enough/been around long enough to have genuinely changed the way people use the tops of tall buildings? Or is it mostly athletes and architectural curiosities? (I think I'm more interested in whether/how it'd be communicated in-game than in what the actual answer to the question is.)


Definitely looks like a landmark!
(And looks like Centrepoint tower in Sydney ;))


Yes, you have to do stuff to sell your idea, and that's true in a Kickstarter environment at least as much as in a publisher environment. But I'm sure you've also been on projects where time and resources were spent on producing the sizzle reel, the build to "show progress" to executives rather than actually advance implementation, the demo for a conference, etc., that actual implementation got delayed and confuzzled.

The fact that you're doing it in-engine gives me confidence, but be aware of the risks of going too far down that path.


I like the idea. While writing my game there has been a few times where I've made a video and posted it on my Facebook account for friends to see and then no one replies. That's quite disheartening. :(

I guess if you were to take this approach as a lone dev you might want to surround yourself with people who will give you feedback. Not just the "OH WOW! EXCELLENT!" ego booster friends but the "Yeah cool but X,Y,Z could improve it"

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