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August 09, 2012



Without any hesitation: Dead Nation on PS3.

I think this is the coop game my girlfriend and I had the most fun with, by a large amount.


Does Jedi Academy count as a 'shooter?'

Michael Guerrero

Avalanche Studios' Renegade Ops is a recent TSS that I a lot of fun with.

Jamie Fristrom

Jedi Academy: shooter, sure - twin stick don't think so.

Andre La Barre

My closest fit would probably be Scoregasm, but I've also enjoyed the hybrids Really Big Sky, ARES: Extinction Agenda and Serious Sam Double D. I prefer to play them all on my PC with my Xbox 360 controller.


Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
Renegade Ops
Zombie Nation


gatling gears


"I made a game with Zombie in it" (XBL) and "Lara croft and the guardian of light" really different games but both grew !


Smash TV, in the arcade, with friends - though the XBLA port was also pretty good, when played co-op.


Robotron: 2084!


Man, am I the only one going to chime in with Everyday Shooter?

Peter Harkins

Binding of Isaac. Interesting enemies, fun humor, but mostly for the no-hand-holding approach to difficulty that's so uncommon now.

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