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July 23, 2012


Andy K

Heya! Andy from Story-Games here!

The main thing is, I asked that very same question 7 years ago: "Where's the RPGNet/'Forge Birthday Forum' for indie roleplaying games?" There wasn't one, so I *made* it. It didn't spring up in a vacuum! I had the same questions you did, but since no one else was doing it, I made it myself instead of waiting for someone else to do so.

Oh, incidentally: The moderation step means I basically approve every single applicant in but spammers. But the great thing about that step is that it *is* a step: You have to sort of "want it more" to post there, which I think has created a community of mostly okay people with a low ratio of bitter posters/trolls. Some folks have complained loudly about the elitism that such a step implies ("What, I have to ASK to join!? Elitist!"), but honestly its unexpected emergent behavior was to prevent a tiny but insurmountable barrier to douchebags. :-)

Good luck!


I enjoy the indie game threads on Something Awful, but they aren't separated out from the rest of the games forum.

That having been said: it's a friendly and honest community, strict modding keeps the trolls away and threads are divided by subject matter, so you won't have a million Mass Effect threads. Right now Dwarf Fortress, Starfarer, Crusader Kings and Day Z are on the first page.

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