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July 16, 2012


Jarvis Crofts

Professor Layton For Nintendo DS. Recently too ive been very close to grabbing a PS3 for Journey, Ni No Kuni and The Last Of Us...

As far as Ouya's success: I'm curious as to whether there would be such thing as a killer app for this console, as unlike the PS2, X360 and previous consoles there is no isolated ecosystem or exclusivity clause. If the game was great on Ouya it would be immediately pushed onto Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as theyre much bigger audiences (revenue).

If Ouya is extremely lucky and does see a successful exclusive it wont be exclusive for long enough to boost the console much...

Jamie Fristrom

It's not clear to me there won't be Ouya exclusives. They could offer various incentives (advances or just straight cash) to get games that are exclusive for some amount of time. Google did it with the Chrome Web Store; doesn't make the CWS any less open.

Peter Saumur

There will be only one killer app for the Ouya - XBMC. A 99 dollar set-top box that can play/record TV/Movies in HDMI is going to sell like nothing else.


Way late to the party, but if OnLive comes through in offering support, that could help them both out immensely.

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