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June 13, 2012



I have nothing constructive to say, but that's absolutely adorable. Getting menaced by an absolutely silent '4' was satisfyingly creepy, too.


I saw your post up on 7dfps and knew your name was familiar, but couldn't place it until now. I definitely thought it was cute. Dunno how much you could do in a couple of hours, but a couple of design ideas I thought of while playing:
* give the numbers different personalities, make 1 sneaky, 2 bold, etc.
* make the size of the number proportionate to their value, 1 is tiny, 7 is huge
* if you kited the numbers such that they collided, they would combine into their sum, or take the difference of their values... something
* maybe have it so that your gun starts at level 1, which can only dmg 1's, then level up after the majority of 1's are killed, etc. so that you're forced to skirt around the larger numbers until you've built up your experience.

anyway, i should stop wasting time on teh internets when i've got my own entry to complete :P

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