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May 18, 2012



You worry it may be TMI, but honestly I really appreciated the candor -- game development doesn't happen in a vacuum, and I wish more people writing about it would acknowledge that. It's a good list of things to keep in mind, as well, when doing independent work.

Best of luck, and looking forward to hearing more about the kickstarter project!


Well, it only took me about a month to read your post after starring it in my RSS reader :) I also appreciate this article and think you make some really good points. It is very hard to balance family life and work, and if you're not in the industry yet to also feed your inner game dev addict late into many nights and weekends. I think you're very lucky (as you've already acknowledged) to be in your current position and hope to someday be there too. It sounds like you've figured out how to budget your time in a way that works for your whole family, so kudos and good luck in your upcoming projects!

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