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May 01, 2012



I definitely have to go with your instinct here. Generally I feel the more contextual consistency, the better. (Unless the game or mechanic lends itself to non-contextual elements.) Crackdown, for instance, was a wonderfully fun game. But it always annoyed me that the orbs were out-of-context items.

Call them "nebulous overcharging devices used by the unsavory to aid in their nefarious criminal deeds!" or "a street level compound created by criminals to increase their own strength, that The Agency could convert to useful fuel for the cybernetic Agents!". The gameplay could be the same (fun), and you could even keep the same greenish glow and noise/feel when they're near, just add a single model at the base of the glow. It would've fit in perfectly with the end's "reveal", and passively explains why you can toss cars, but don't punch through bad guys. And I, as a gamer, think it would've been a nice touch.

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