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January 27, 2012



I was really looking forward to you posting about TDD in game development when I read that announcement too. I use it every day in my web development job but it has always stymied me as far as applying it to games when I am messing around with those in my free time.

Karim Ahmed

The most important feature in TDD to me is the optimal protection of future changes that may break other system functionality.IMHO Systems with a lot of undefined and unrelated functionality and components with huge class hierarchies, would benefit the most from TDD because TDD will force you to organize your system in a modular testable and heavy change tolerant way. But in games the life cycle is shorter, changes are less because you have defined set of goals to achieve and if not and you are still just exploring,the changes are visible to you, TDD would be a huge overkill for things like AI and Physics because there behavior is not controlled by you and TDD requires that. Yes you can TDD the code that builds up these components but IMHO it still an overkill.
I have used TDD to write algorithms that have many changing inputs and outputs. Again it protected me from shooting myself in the leg and it worked well.

PS. I never used TDD in games or even close to ship one :))

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