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November 10, 2011


Jeff Ward

I didn't comment, but if you're running windows primarily, I always recommend hg over git. Especially hg 2.0 at this point. The introduction of it's extensions to work with large files is a win IMO, and it just plays way nicer with windows.

Git is for sure the "better" system, but hg is WAY cleaner and nicer.

Timothy Fitz

Hey, just tried it on my Macbok Pro, if I disable "browser text" the game runs really smoothly.

Is the "iXX" the framerate? If so it's pegged at 59/60, but interestingly it says 59/60 even if I do have the browser text enabled.

Nicholas Novitski

Yeah, I'm a big ol' Git partisan, but I hear Mercurial does work more easily on non-unixes. And it's still a dvcs, which is the important part.


Before you get too far down the git path, you may try the same thing designed for humans.

See hginit.com. Far easier transition.

Jamie Fristrom

Ok, Mercurial it is. I've inited, added, and committed (and I threw in the nacl_sdk directory as well so that won't give me problems anymore) ...

On the Mac front, I'm certain I disabled the browser text and saw only a marginal improvement ... it went from 1 fps to 2 ...


meh, use git, not mercurial, even on Windows. I used mercurial for 9 months first, loved it. Switched to git. Loved it more. There's a steeper learning curve with git but it's better than hg.

When you decide to start git, read at least the first chapter of Pro Git(http://progit.org/book/) as it will explain some major difference between git and other VCS like git's stage for example.

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