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November 09, 2011



Just saying that I think Git/Mercurial/other DVCS'es are huge improvements *especially* when you're just a single developer. Gives you so much more freedom, and saves you having to run everything by a dedicated server.

*Especially* when diff'ing, merging and patching*, SVN is just needlessly painful. There's really no sane reason to use SVN in 2011. Just saying. :)


I'm completely in love with Mercurial's Workbench view (TortoiseHg), but I have to use SVN at work so I find that just keeping the 'Check For Modifications' dialog open all the time on one window works pretty similarly. It's always there reminding me to check in, it's easy to commit and revert from, and it's easy to organise my work into changelists to separate out the commits I need to make. Highly recommend

Jay K

I agree with Jesper about DVCS being a boon to single developers.

I love using git with git-flow. Git makes it so easy to branch and therefore experiment, and git-flow provides a sane branching model.

I keep a repo on my blog server that I push to for simple backups.

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