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October 24, 2011


Ben Gildenstein


Wow, the game is so much fun full-screen! I seem to have a bit of a problem with my cursor not lining up with where my mouse is, but I can thankfully still play. My res is 1366x768.

The game runs very well on my Intel GMA in linux, so it doesn't need a very powerful card to have great framerates.

Yes, CSS is quite a pain... Your best bet is to use position:absolute, boxes inside of boxes, and try positioning with right:0px rather than left or float.

If you want some help positioning things, I can certainly lend a hand. (Good thing you don't have to work with IE or you would tear your hair out...)

Jay K.

Weird. I'm running on a MacBook Pro, Core 2 Duo with a dedicated NVidia chipset, and the game runs in seconds per frame instead. I've tried shrinking the window and setting the performance to high, and it still crawls. Any other suggestions?

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