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August 26, 2011


Ben Gildenstein

I had noticed that some things broke as well, which is somewhat frustrating, but it's probably for the best; before this tech goes public things had better be perfect or it will be quickly rejected.

Jeff Ward

I've actually taken to working on back end stuff while OpenGL is in flux. Since my game is x-platform, when something like that breaks, I switch to the Win32 build for a while.

Of course, this may come back and bite me in the ass when I actually try to push back to Chrome in a few weeks ;)

Yann Bane

Nice blog you have there, I have a gamedev blog too, although it's about a specific game I am making. I also had these problems with Chrome, and thanks for the tip to work with Chromium! Took me a couple of hours to realize it wasn't my mistake...

If you are interested in MMO's, I'm making one using HTML5! here: yannbane.blogger.com

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