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August 17, 2011



Just remember, you have an entire browser to render text for you. If you are not porting something then consider using HTML for your text if it fits your needs. The browser will composite your HTML and it will only re-render it when you change something.

Jamie Fristrom

Gregg, could you (or someone) link to some sample code or docs that show how to do that? I'm a web n00b and have no idea how to layer HTML text on top of the native client pane.

Ben Gildenstein

Rendering text would probably work best with an API like freetype (http://freetype.org). Freetype is the library used to render text in many linux programs including Chrome parsing glyphs from popular font formats (truetype, opentype, etc). It is very fast and efficient and implemented in C for easy integration.

The text could then be uploaded as a texture if you wanted to use it in OpenGL.

I hope this helps!

Ben Gildenstein

I just found this project that may interest you:

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