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August 08, 2011



I had some success with forcing the cache to reload by using the same trick designers use to flush css/js out of the cache - add '?v=' followed by an incrementing version number to the URL.

eg, in the NMF:

{"url": "SyNaCl_x86_64.nexe?v=5"}

I modded site_tools/nacl_tools.py to make scons do this automatically, in AllNaClModules :

'x86-32': '%s_x86_32.nexe?v=%i' % (module_name, time.time())

... well, you get the picture. Limited testing online seems to show Chrome reloading the NEXEs if the suffix changes and loading from the cache if they don't (eg. if I just touch the nmf and not the versioning numbers)

To be fair I haven't had many problems with it not recognising new builds, though. Yet.

I have only just started dabbling with NaCl but am quite hooked. A couple of ramblings here - http://tinyurl.com/synacl - but suspect most of it you've already encountered. Will pass on the --jobs # tip, has sped my builds up a great deal too!

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