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April 25, 2011


Mark Nau

I think the conversation starts to go off the rails with:

"I guess my question is - why not offer me a refund or credit or to replace the broken decks? I'd like to think that's what I'd do for my clients if TGC was my company."

because it's not directed at what the key concern should be, which is why did so many decks print OK, and then you get some screwed ones. You and they have a joint concern to establish that that's what happened, and find out why.

And then "So "The customer is always right" isn't your policy."

Seems to clearly establish that this is a confrontational venture and not cooperative one any more. So now it's going to be 100% defensive from them, and no progress.


I have to say I'm on your side here. So they can print stuff correctly SOME of the time, but when it doesn't print right, then it's your fault? And they never say "yes, your resolution/cropping is right" or anything, just that "your images aren't meeting all the requirements".

I had a similar issue with Sanpfish. I ordered 20 wallets, 10 were fine, 10 had someone's head cut off. I emailed them and got the spiel about "use the right resolution, don't keep important stuff too close to the edges" and I replied and said "yes, I did all those things, but half are wrong," and then they emailed me with a credit and another reminder to follow the requirements. It was SO CLEARLY their error.

It's like the companies will offer a credit because they know they screwed up and want you to go away but they can't possibly admit fault.

I find sometimes picking up the phone works better.. have had issues with Zazzle calendars and last time when I called (it was tough to find the phone number!) they apologized and fixed it right away.


From the looks of it, I'd say that it was probably exactly like they said.

Chris Goodwin

I once worked for a company much like these guys. If there was any question at all about anything, put it back on the customer, unless it was absolutely, 100% our fault. Only if they were a long term, really good customer, and really pushed back hard, would we give in. It sucked having that kind of pressure from above and below. I finally quit working for them after less than a year.

I did a quick search for The Game Crafter on Boardgamegeek.com and found at least two others with the same issues, and a host of "I've heard of a lot of negative experiences with them" type comments. It's not worth the hassle. Jamie, if I were you I'd accept their half-refund offer, cut your losses, and take your business elsewhere.


I haven't printed cards and I don't know how TGC operates but I have worked with Lulu and it sucked. Basically Lulu is just a middle man, they contract out all the printing to lots of different companies. That means no 2 prints will ever come out the same. It means sometimes something that printed before will not print the next time because it went to a different printing company with different equipment and different bugs. I don't know if TGC has the same problem.


Hi there -- I am totally with you. Pardon my implied R-rated language, but Heather is a C word. Rhymes with short baseball hit. Pure and simple, you are now the 6th person, including myself who has had to deal with this attitude from them. And JT is a bully who basically tries to indeed, BULLY people into buying their BS that they are they only game in town, and so they can treat anyone however they choose, because if you don't like it, TOUGH, they have thousands of other TGC fanboys. I am very sorry you had to deal with this. I have made it clear I will never spend another sent with them. I also totally encourage you to post this to some of the forums on BGG, if you have not done so already. Cheers-- PKW


I had the exact same thing happen, recently. The Game Crafter has never once given me a "perfect" print on anything I order - from a vendor or for myself - but recently I ordered a prototype for a game I'm working on and it was an obvious misprint, and most of the cards were too dark to read despite the fact I used a lot of pale colors. I sent in pictures comparing what it was supposed to look like based upon a previous order, and they told me that while they could refund the price of the booklet (the one thing that printed correctly, I may add) the box and cards fell within an acceptable range of variation. They admitted in that same email that the printer that ran the box and cards had malfunctioned that day, but saw no problem with my product being too dark to read until I told them I wouldn't be using their services anymore. Then suddenly they were willing to compare my images to the digital file, and saw I was in fact right. I don't really trust them to deliver a good product, but unfortunately they are the cheapest prototyping company out there right now, and the only one that accepts vendors. If you order from them again and experience more problems, remind them that Board Games Maker is just a couple clicks away and even if they cost more it's a risk you're willing to take. Despite all their bravado, they are in fact terrified of losing customers because even if they're the cheapest and most popular game in town, they are far from the only one.

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