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April 13, 2011


Mark Nau

Wait...WHAT? You're conflating the publisher with the product. And the data doesn't seem to show what you seem to think it shows. Gallo sells 66 million cases in the U.S., barely more than #2 at 59. And then 44, 20, 20, 11... Nothing like a "one big winner" scenario.

And Gallo is outsold worldwide by the #2.

Maybe Gallo is the Activision of the wine world. Kinda. Sorta.

Darius K.

I agree with Mark. These are "publishers." Top wines *themselves* are much flatter than this. For example, Constellation (#2) owns Mondavi, which is one of the biggest brands in the U.S., but only makes up a small portion of their wine portfolio.

Jamie Fristrom

I'm talking *brands* - which sometimes could be company, sometimes could be product, but either way is going to be the biggest font on the box or bottle. For Gallo it's Gallo, and for Activision it's Call of Duty.

And that falloff is pretty rapid in my view. If #5 is selling a mere fraction of #1, what does that say about #100 or #1000?

Not too much different from videogames: http://www.vgchartz.com/yearly.php?reg=America

Mark Nau

Gallo publishes more than 30 brands. For example, go look at Andre or Red Rock Winery or Barefoot Cellars. They don't put the word "Gallo" anywhere on that sucker. Because otherwise the brand "Gallo" = mass quantity = suck prestige. The word Gallo is only prominent on their Family Vineyard brand, and on the wine-in-a-box stuff.

Jamie Fristrom

Okay, I didn't know that - but they do put "Gallo" in big letters on a lot of their stuff and I'm guessing that's the bulk of their sales?

Mark Nau

And most awesomely, the #1 brand in the US is Franzia, which is wine-in-a-box, owned by Coca-Cola.

The old (2001) data I just looked at indicates that Carlo Rossi and Livington Cellars are Gallo's #1 and #2 brands.

Jamie Fristrom

Ah. Well, can you link to that data? Does it have the rapid falloff I've come to expect?

Whenever I have a wonderment, you're there to find the real data. What would I do without you?

Mark Nau

I found some more updated data:

Which will be a good browsing point for all sorts of brands.

I love being sent on random data scavenger hunts. Keep wondering aloud!

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