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January 24, 2011



Those are some of my favorites! Here are some I would add:

OMG Pirates, a solid 2D equivalent of Ninja Gaiden
Helsing's Fire, a creative puzzle game with a fun victorian attitude
Solomon's Keep/Boneyard, a dual-stick shooter equivalent to 100 Rogues

Also some other ports that are still fun:
Plants vs Zombies, Puzzle Quest, Death Worm, Peggle, Wolfenstein


Oops I forgot a few good ones:

Space Miner: really polished asteroids/diablo shooter
The Quest: first-person RPG throwback, pretty hardcore
Undercroft: a lighter, more arcadey equivalent to The Quest

Alex Bortoluzzi

Those look like PC games on a smaller screen. Where is Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Osmos, Mega Jump or Fruit Ninja? What about Zombie Wonderland, Zombie Smash, Minigore, The Incident, Zen Bound? Those are the real iPhone games, made for this platform and not just adapted to the small format.
Check them out, you might get a different view of mobile games for this generation of mobile devices.
Not too thinky, though ;)

Darius K.

According to the devs, SteamBirds iPhone was critically patched a week after it was released:


It is probably more stable now.

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