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October 11, 2010



Was it const or not const?

Jamie Fristrom

Not const.

Jay K.

I wonder if you declare it volatile if it will fix the issue.

Chris Jurney

Wow, bizarre... what compiler is that in? Why would it choose to use a varible for .5 instead of an immediate value?

Jamie Fristrom

I'm sure it would, but there isn't really an issue other than we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was causing a bug that wouldn't happen in the field.

And the compiler is visual studio for the xbox, and I don't know enough about the floating point unit to venture a guess.

Bryan McNett

round many global debug variables up into a singleton, and try not to let many compilation units know about its existence. let them see only a pointer or a function that "just happens to" always return the singleton.

if compilation units don't know about the singleton, they can't make dangerous assumptions about it... barring some really good global optimization.

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