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March 13, 2010


Peter Hatch

10-15M units is not nearly enough to make it the biggest videogame that wasn't bundled with hardware. SMB3 sold 18M, and it's been surpassed - there's a nice list at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games#Top_20_console_games_of_all_time.


Give Bad Company 2 a whirl dude. It's the better game hands down.

Jamie Fristrom

I stand corrected (said the same thing in the DICE talk I gave the other day, too, doh!).

Kongluan Lin

Hi, Jamie! I do share some common opinions with you about the game “Modern Warfare”. First of all, I am not much entertained in the game story indeed. In the game, a large number of innocent Russian soldiers are killed by some radicals, even by the player who tries to pretend to be a radical. It is so cruel event if it may reflect some kind of sad reality. Also, some rules in the game are ridiculous. In order to advance the level of the game, players has to kill good guys. Otherwise, the players would be detected and killed by the Big Bad. In this game, players do not have complete free will, which should not be like this. Besides, there should not be some moral controversies in the game. Do you think a good guy is allowed to shoot an innocent soldier? Of course not! But it does exist in the game.

I do prefer some simple games, because they do not tell very complicated stories. It is very easy to make players understand what the aims of the game are, and what they are going to do to achieve the aims. Take “Red Alert” example. The game reflects the law of jungle. The player needs to build their own armies to defend themselves, and attack if they would like to expand their territory.

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