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August 16, 2009


Hugh Hancock

I *still* play Second Edition.

There's a lengthy rant as to why, but it boils down to "some balancing is good. Too much balancing is bad." In particular, I miss the gnarly bizarreness of the Second Edition magic system - dammit, magic *should* be somewhat unbalanced, occult, and subtle!


Sadly growing up I had no one equally nerdy in my rural area to play D&D with, and when I did find myself in the appropriate company we were too busy with school work.

But. I recently listened to a D&D session in serialized podcast form featuring Gabe and Tycho (obviously of Penny Arcade,) and Scott Kurtz (PVP Online,) playing with 4th Edition, and they also did a second session later, that included Wil Wheaton. I'm not really a podcast person at all, but oddly, I found them compelling listens, and I now feel as if I would be completely comfortable sitting down and playing 4th Edition with ease. Definitely a smart move on the part of WotC, at the least.

After listening I must say, it seems pretty simple. Of course, as Hugh points out, for many the simplicity could be a turn off, and that's understandable.

For what it's worth, the first file of the first session is here.
The first file of the second is here.

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