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August 03, 2009



I'm pretty sure I never actually cut a programmer in half.

I have written a lot of code where entire suites of classes are put together in one file and in the process leaned HEAVILY on the IDE to navigate the code. As soon as the code hits the source repository it has to be divided up into manageable chunks for the sake of the team. Usually cvs/svn/git can manage the merges in one file well enough but it's troublesome to have multiple workers hitting the same file.

In certain articles about IBM's VisualAge IDE, it was said each C++ method was put in its own storage (said to be a database rather than a file system). This didn't work perfectly with all preexisting programs, but it makes you think about how our source code organization methods reflect the development process better than they reflect the code's structure.

C2 Wiki article on VisualAge has comments that go off in this vein.



Michel Carroll

I think it's also to the programmer's advantage to write organized and clean code. Not only in fear of getting cut in half.

Organized code means organized thinking.

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