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June 07, 2009


Jeromie Walters

I quite enjoyed this post. Unfortunately I haven't played Spider-Man 2, but I'm curious... was there a bonus or some type of reward to the player for completing it at 100%? Oftentimes, at least in my own experience, I tend to think that completing all aspects of a game means I will get to see some cool ending animation, fancy graphics, etc.

But I definitely agree the joy of trying to reach 100%, particularly when faced with repeating levels, can become a mindless chore. I think unlocking new graphics, characters, levels, or play modes is a far better reward approach than using percentage indicators, but that's just my two cents. Thanks for writing a great post!


I think it comes down to setting your own goals, both in games and work. You are more motivated if you feel like it is a goal worth working for. So the plotline, or your managers motivational skills, are important. Managers who don't motivate are like sloppy scripts who don't care about their audience.

That is why GTA works so well. You can go off task and do whatever you like if it looks like fun: there is an element of creativity and *freedom*. When work or games feels like pointless repetition we become demotivated.

Fred on why programming is fun: http://www.grok2.com/progfun.html

Ken Wilkins

I too, enjoy games that reward by unlocking levels, clothing, and other options. I would much rather that than a percentage-- it's more attainable and something exciting to look forward to!

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