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April 08, 2009


Max Szlagor

Congrats! The notion of buying an XBLA game on Amazon seemed strange until I realized it may actually bring a new market into the fold with real dollar pricing, no spill over points, and one-click purchasing accounts. For some reason, Puzzle Quest is 15 on Amazon and 800 points on Xbox marketplace. I wonder if there is an intentional pricing difference or if this is an error.

Jamie Fristrom

It also makes gifting possible, which is very cool. If 75% of videogame sales are for Christmas (source Jesse Schell), what % of videogame sales are gifts?


Congrats on schizoid man! I like the game and not to sound cheesy the particle effects :)

I created a game similar to that called Gum Drop, I dunno if you heard about it, but you should check it out :) I just felt a bond between shooter devs hehe


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