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April 22, 2009



Proving yet again that old man murray was right.

Mike Darga

Very insightful!


This is an insight into portal that I have not considered before. I found that Portal as a game was engaging and pretty much completely immersive. You are right there is this attachment to GladOS, which entertains you and yet makes you want to destroy her. Being the only character you interact with (besides the companion cube), you start to feel a bond with her.
I will admit that I never thought of GladOS as a unique concept, but now that I think about it, I can see where you are coming from. Being the antagonist and the entity who leads you through the game she becomes something more.


Interesting, I'd never grown conscious of the voice-in-your-ear as such an overused device. In retrospect, it has been in most of the games I've played. Now that you've exposed its ubiquity, it's probably going to drive me nuts in future games... thanks! ;)

I should point out that I don't always feel hatred or even ambivalence towards the voice-in-your-ear. The original *Halo* did a great job of creating a bond to the AI/personal-guide Cortana. Perhaps the bond came from a similar move to the one you mentioned where they make you miss GladOS: in *Halo*, you are separated from Cortana for several levels while you are guided around by a malicious and undeniably (and unfortunately invincible) voice-in-your-ear (I think it was named 343 Guilty Spark).

Interesting article; got me thinking. Thanks!

Juan barbosa

I wonder if its true genius or a stroke of luck since the character is such a huge hit.


The first ViE I remember isn't from a game. It is from a TV show. One with a big movie coming out tonight. Who would have thought that Gene's wife's voice would be so famous...


Nice post, thank you


"Hey, hey, listen!"

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