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December 08, 2008



If you get stuck on TR:AE again, ping me. I was on one of the testing teams for the game (fun fact: many publishers use third parties for additional testing, but don't credit them). We joked for a little while that if it weren't for the NDA, we could write the walkthroughs for these games and have them ready for day one. :P

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Tomb raider really wasn't that good of a game, especially the first one. The puzzles in it were way to confusing to me and the controls of jumping from platform to platform were very bad and confusing to use.


Hey guys I have finished the game lara croft tomb raider's anniversary ,so you have any doubt in the game please contact me in e-mail or in telephone. my email id is ija_619@yahoo.com and my phone number is 9790282769

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