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September 12, 2008


Josh Szepietowski

Starcraft: Brood War is my pick

Jay Kint

Ultima IV. Before this game, RPGs that I played were just about killing stuff and collecting loot. While that is a worthwhile activity (in a game), I thought something was lacking. Ultima IV showed me what it was.


i still think we are in the cabnet of dr. caligari days. experimental. still exploring. just starting to use some interesting plot devices. I'm hoping Far Cry 2 is going to be the next big thing. Love what they are doing with their Story Engine.

Justin P

"Beyond Good and Evil" is my "Citizen Kane". As a game, it is a great exploration of conspiracy, adventure and action and belies an undercurrent of subversion, whilst maintaining some serious personality and charm.

Enrique Saul Gonzalez

I think for most people the argument is inherently flawed. NO game is going to "open the doors" of mainstream acceptance overnight.
It took half a century for cinema to be recognized as "art" and for the significance of classics as "Birth of a Nation" and "Citizen Kane" to be acknowledged.
And of course evaluating games only on their narrative qualities is about as fair as doing the same for music or paintings. Many games that don't ammount to much narratively (e.g. Super Mario Bros.) were groundbreaking gameplay-wise and instrumental on defining the potential unique to videogames as a new medium.

Joe from Scarybug

Portal is the Young Frankenstein of games.

Max Szlagor

Shadow of the Colossus, easily. It was one of the first games to truly evoke emotion and made me think deeply about what my actions meant for the characters and the world. Several of the games in the Final Fantasy series also qualify because I feel a genuine attachment to the worlds and characters in a way that other games simply can't match.

Paul Senzee

Ultima V is #1, for me. It has all of what's revolutionary about Ultima IV and adds much greater depth, more shades of gray and is vastly more polished. And I second the nomination of GTA 3. It's hard to realize how influential it was now - in an era when almost all games have adopted many of its principal innovations and made them their own.

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