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September 01, 2008


Joe from Scarybug

Thanks for the kind words for Chronotron! I don't feel worthy, but PAX has made me determined to live up to the attention.

I downloaded Schizoid on my new 360 last night. I WILL MASTER UBERSCHIZOID MODE!

chris from ominousdev

I wish i had been there to see the family feud thing. We totally forgot about it and were wondering where bret went when he wandered back with a huge smile on his face. I hope someone recorded it. I bought schizoid tonight and have been playing it all evening. Excellent and addicting work. My favorite part of PAX was the camaraderie between all the PAX10 devs.. the guys from ominousdev, gamesfaction and Casey from Molly Rocket got together for beers and sushi on sunday night and one of the topics was indeed where the line is drawn between "indie" and non-indie game.. we didnt really come to any conclusions other than that having a definition is important if it is to continue having any meaning.

Paul Solt

PAX 10 was fantastic. I enjoyed chatting with you and the rest of the PAX 10 developers about the different development challenges. The creativity within the PAX 10 was outstanding.

Hopefully in the next few months we'll be releasing Impulse with more refined game play and more visual polish. I was not expecting our 10 week project to receive so much attention.

My roommates and I are all enjoying playing Schizoid. Awesome game!

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