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September 21, 2008



Hey, those scuff marks tend to come off. My 360 periodically does this as well, but so far I haven't found a scuff mark that I cannot remove simply by lightly wetting my finger and rubbing the DVD surface.

Jay K.

GameCrazy stores have resurfacing machines. Probably lots of companies (GameStop?) do. I have had to take my Rock Band DVD in a couple of times because my kids have been zealous in their enthusiasm for the game.

Jeff Ward

"Another example, in the early days of Spider-Man 1, I did a lot of tools programming, a not-terribly-sexy job, because other guys were excited to do the rendering and gameplay and whatnot."

Am I the only person who really enjoys tools programming in the game industry? I mean, SOMEONE else has to think it's a sexy job other than me....

Jamie Fristrom

I expect Flea and Robert Trujillo think bass playing is sexy too...just not the norm.

gaming mouse

Think you're all alone there, Jeff. Tools programming might be fun, but sexy it is not. ;)

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