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January 22, 2008



I have a question:

What's taking so long? I'm serious. Maybe I have wrong info but wasn't Schizoid supposed to be a quicker, small budget, small team game?

Am I wrong? Is there any things you can point to? Did C# help (faster prototype) or hurt (harder to coerce into a shippable state?) Did TDD increase your speed or slow it down? Did you think you were making a small game but it turned out big? Is it that this is your first network game?

I guess I'm wondering if you could write a pre postmortem :-p (or if you're giving one a GDC)

Jamie Fristrom

I've been asking myself that very question every day for the last nine months or so. I had a game at the end of a week! How'd it take another year and a half to finally ship? It *was* supposed to be a quick, small budget, small team game. Well, we got two out of three.

I'll write a full postpartum after we finally give birth, but the biggest thing was TCR. TCR, with its sign-ins and sign-outs (two players co-op with any controllers which may or may not be signed in create an endless stream of corner cases for us), achievements, leaderboards, quickmatch, custom match, and a set of extra xbla-only requirements...might account for half of our coder time when all is said and done, but I'll have to do a more rigorous analysis to be sure. That I dramatically underestimated.
The amount of time we spent optimizing I dramatically underestimated also.

It's embarrassing because you hear about the guys who made, say, Fate, and how they got it done in nine months with a team just as small as ours. And we're taking twice that! But I'll say this - if we'd shipped a game without network play for the PC, we would have been done in under nine months also.

BTW, Bill's going to give a talk at the indy games summit at GDC, talking about both the game and getting the studio off the ground, but I can't make it.

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