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November 11, 2007



Awesome. I didn't make this. At just 3.4 years experience, somehow I feel I'm not ready to make the leadership jump (BS?) but I've been following along the leadership blog and what ever write ups and power point slides have been showing up. I know I really need to get my complement:criticize ratio up. It's probably around 1:1 =P So I have a ways to go. Next year...


Don't sweat the leadership bit. If people are following you, then you are a leader, period. "Good" or "bad" is much more subjective ("good for whom?" for example). There's natural leaders, simply because they do things that people want to be part of. Others become "professional" (for lack of better word) leaders because they know/learn how to get people to follow them. Finally, there's appointed leaders, followed because a chain of command dictates so.

Each of the three aspects has its good and bad sides, but all three are necessary to some degree. Natural, to provide passion; professional, to increase effectiveness; appointed, to bring accountability.


I believe the 5:1 ratio idea was actually brought up by Greg and Ray during their keynote (as part of their description of Transformational Leadership, a business school term). At least that's what my notes tell me! Really enjoyed your session by the way, Jamie, and was quite taken with your theory of "drag."

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