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September 11, 2007



I take at least a whole day to get the engineers and testers estimate their respective tasks and add 20% for integration and 10% for slipping risks.

25+25+25+25 => 132

Meg H.

I'm the planner, my husband is the coder. I am quickly learning that coding is more art than science. And estimating art? Yikes!

My general rule of thumb is that it will take 3 times longer than what we initially think it should. LOL!

Actually, being experienced with your team is the best way to know how to estimate, see
The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks Jr. & Slack by Tom DeMarco .

Best of luck!!


Working solo, I estimate my time as precisely as I can but charge hourly whenever possible. I get paid for all the work I do, they only pay for work that gets done. Sadly, not all projects can be billed this way.

It must be exponentially difficult to estimate time for teams larger than just yourself.


i'm with Meg--art is impossible to estimate well. i avoid quotes. that's why i'm also with Jay about charging hourly.

instead of estimating the traditional way, i'll show a client the the most similar project i have, describe its process, and tell them roughly what that cost. then i use a time tracking and billing application for a true and detailed invoice.

you can set a cap with the client and notify them if it's at risk at any point, or once you're within say 15% of the top. they understand that if sign-offs go smoothly and the project parameters don't change much that i can come in under the cap in the end.

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