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September 07, 2007


Brett Douville

Or they could say, "No wonder they named it Schizoid". :)

Max Battcher

I love when it happens that you wonder "Whoever wrote this code was a genius... it makes today's code so easy to write. I should figure out who this was and buy them a beer..." and in that case it is a pleasant surprise to find the beer you owe is to yourself a few a months ago...



What I usually do is scrub the logs and frame an intern.

This is why it's so important to retain admin privs on the revision control server.


Yeah, several scenarios up there:

"Who in hell wrote this piece of shit?" -> was you moron, endless ashame...

"This is so well done, is great!" -> was you smartypants, infinite happyness

"This is so well done, it works perfectly, but code is undocumented and I don't get that tricky part..." -> was you genius, "I'm getting old?" "Beer is finally attacking my brain??" "Inspiration is everywhere but here and now!"


Yes. All the time, which is why I always remind our guys to program for the next guy who doesn't know the code -- because that next guy will PROBABLY be themselves, six or nine months down the road.

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